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James’ Story

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James woke up with a headache.

Insurance Navigator helps Patient

It was the worst headache he ever had. He suffered with it for two days until he could not stand up. Then he went to the hospital and found out his headache was caused by a stroke. What followed were several weeks of hospitalization and rehabilitation to regain his health.

James was unemployed but he had insurance. He is a Community Health Care patient and was recently enrolled in insurance with the help of Patient Navigator; BonMarie Pereira at our Hilltop Regional Health Center. James confided that if he was still uninsured he would have just stayed home in bed and not gone to the hospital due to the cost. This could have led to long-term health consequences that would have been devastating to James’
ability to find work or be involved with his family.

Studies have shown that uninsured individuals delay care until it becomes a major health issue. This drives up the cost of care for the community and leads to poor health outcomes for individuals. Medical bills are one of the leading causes of bankruptcy.

James worried how he and his wife Naomi would have handled thousands of dollars in medical bills if he were uninsured. He also worried about the impact it would have on his retirement plans and his daughter Naomi’s dream to go to college. Thanks to his ability to obtain insurance and the care provided by Community Health Care he didn’t have to worry about these things and was able to focus on his health and family.