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Pharmacy services at each of our clinics are available only for use by Community Health Care (CHC) Patients. Because of our direct affiliation with federal funding these pharmacies, conveniently located on the same premises as providers, offer our customers exceptional medication pricing at the lowest possible cost. Customers without insurance, or who are under-insured, may qualify for a sliding fee based on income and family size. All prescription prices are calculated on a non-profit basis. These services are a direct benefit to clinic clients and are not available to customers outside the Community Health Care setting. Due to Federal grant requirements, Community Health Care pharmacies can only fill medication requests from outside providers if CHC patients are referred to that provider by Community Health Care.

Our easily accessible pharmacies are patient-centered and focus on continuity of care by partnering with our all of our providers to better manage our patient’s care. Pharmacists have access to patient’s electronic medical records to verify and reconcile prescriptions. Patients are offered medication consultations with available interpreter services and prescriptions are filled in a timely manner with minimal wait.

We are able to offer our patients access to affordable medications at the lowest possible cost through our federal funding. Customers who are uninsured, or are under-insured may qualify for a sliding fee discount based on income and family size. Our pharmacies are focused on providing our patients with a commendable level of accuracy, medication education, counseling, cost saving, and convenience.

For Prescription Refills call: 253-682-3000

This is a universal refill line and refills for any Community Health Care Pharmacy can be made by calling this number 24 hours a day. Please remember that the pharmacies require 48 hour notice for refills.