About Us

Development Advisory Council

The Development Advisory Council was formed to provide expertise and guidance to the Community Health Care Marketing & Development Department as they seek funding for Capital Campaigns, special projects, and resources for providing care to the uninsured and under-insured.

The Council is comprised of the following community leaders:

    • David Flentge, CEO & President, Community Health Care
    • Andie Gernon, Community Volunteer
    • Kurt Jacobson, MCEF, Marketing Consultant
    • Bev Losey, CLU, Brown and Brown of Washington
    • Rick Oldenburg, CAP, Principal, Oldenburg and Associates
    • Lyle Quasim, Civic Leader
    • Jeff Rounce, College Professor, Retired Newspaper Owner
    • Andy Shelton, Brown and Brown of Washington
    • Andrea Smith, Home Street Bank
    • Willie Stewart, Col. USA, Retired, Educator
    • Gregory Tanbara, Tacoma – Pierce County Health Dept.
    • Diane Taniguchi, Pediatrics Northwest, Office Manager
    • Gary Walmer, Board of Directors, Community Health Care
    • James Walton, City Manager, Tacoma, WA, Retired

Emeritus Members:

    • Les Cathersal, CEO, Portfolio Strategies, Retired
    • Justin Morrill, Director of Capital Campaigns, Retired
    • Eugene Wiegman*, EdD, Pastor, Donor, Retired President, Pacific Lutheran University

* Deceased