Have A Sexy (and safe) Valentine’s Day

Happy Sexy (and Safe) Valentine’s Day!

It’s February again when hearts and minds are focused on the ones we love – or the ones we love right now. No judgements here but if you and your loveHave A Sexy (and safe) Valentine's Day 1 interest indulge on St. Valentine’s Day, Community Health Care can help. Not with the mechanics, as such, we don’t want to be THAT involved but we can help in other ways.

Did you know that Community Health Care offers free condoms? Condoms are instrumental in the prevention of pregnancy and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Millions of new infections occur every year in the United States due to unprotected sex. If you are interested in keeping your liaison free of those concerns, come into Community Health Care’s Prompt Care clinic at our Hilltop location (at the corner of MLK and Brazill). Just ask the front desk staff!

Of course, condoms aren’t the only form of birth control. If you and your sweetheart have been together a long time and just want to express your long-term love for each other without the concern of possible pregnancy, perhaps a visit to our Women’s Health team might be in order. After a wellness exam by one of our providers, we can prescribe a number of different birth control methods, including: IUD (intrauterine device) or birth control pills. You can get your prescriptions filled right at your clinic because Community Health Care offers low-cost pharmacy services to our patients.

Don’t forget, birth control is a burden that doesn’t necessarily have to be carried by the female half of a relationship. Community Health Care also provides affordable vasectomies to the male half of heterosexual couples who want to enjoy one another without ever worrying about pregnancy. Just call our appointment line (253) 722-2161 for more information.

And if pregnancy is your goal, we offer free pregnancy tests. Just walk-in to the Prompt Care clinic or any of our clinics and request a pregnancy test. For pregnant mothers-to-be, we have MSS (Maternity Support Services) and Women’s Health services to help maintain healthy pregnancies to deliver healthy babies. Our providers deliver around 500 babies per year so we have had a lot of practice.

Bottom line, Community Health Care hopes you all have a sexy and safe Valentine’s Day. Let us know if we can help make that happen!

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