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Jaci’s Story

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A Life in Care

Health conditions can hold anyone back from having the life they want to live. Whether it is pain, discomfort, or a disability, anything that causes challenges in your day-to-day can make it hard to make the most of your time at work and with your family. At Community Health Care our greatest priority is to ensure our patients are healthy and comfortable so they are able to work and contribute to our community.

One of our shining examples of success is Jaci, a patient for whom we’ve provided care for more than 20 years.

patient and provider on couch talkingJaci was born with congenital anomalies. One of which prevented her from walking until she was three years old. The muscles in her legs spiraled down her legs making her feet face backward. She spent three years in heavy braces before learning to walk. Jaci used a wheelchair, crutches, and canes from age 15 to 23. Through numerous extensive surgical procedures and physical therapy, she was finally able to walk without having to rely on her wheelchair, walker, or cane. Jaci went back to the wheelchair again from age 32 to 40, adding service dogs to assist her.

Currently employed by Personal Best Services, Jaci is the Clinical Director, Nurse Delegator, and Supervisor of the CNA staff. Personal Best Services provides in-home nursing and respite care to more than 40 Veterans. She works every day “paying it forward” to those in need. However, she can’t do this alone. Jaci suffers from arthritis and severe fibromyalgia which, if left untreated, is completely debilitating due to extreme pain.

Jaci’s provider Kimberly Sales, ARNP, has worked incredibly hard to develop a treatment plan for managing her fibromyalgia and arthritis. She uses a series of injections intended to block the pain caused by Jaci’s condition. Working together Kimberly and Jaci’s pain specialist, Dr. Kenneth Bakken at Bayview Medical, have been able to bring Jaci’s condition under control. Every two weeks Jaci comes to our clinic to receive her shots and in coordination with her pain specialist; our team has been able to manage her condition for the past 20 years. Kimberly has cared for Jaci through two high-risk pregnancies and continues to provide pediatric care for both of her children. Kimberly has been there to ensure that Jaci and her two sons have every opportunity to live happy, healthy lives.

mother and children baking cookiesWhen asked what she would do without our care, Jaci had the following to say:
I’d be lost because no other family clinic would be able to do what this one does. I wouldn’t get the same kind of care anywhere else. Kimberly helped me through both my pregnancies and helped me to function without the use of my wheelchair. She continues to support me in my efforts to maintain the highest level of mobility. If it wasn’t for Community Health Care I literally wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing… I wouldn’t be here today.

This is what we do best at Community Health Care. We extend our patients a hand and walk them through every health challenge they face. Without our constant care thousands of patients, like Jaci, would be incapable of working, living, and growing here in the Pacific Northwest. Good health is what drives us every day. Without it, there’s no telling where our patients would be.

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