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Community Health Care launches Pharmacy Residency

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by Josh Krebsbach

The road to a better healthcare system starts with having well-trained providers. This requires ensuring that healthcare professionals know how to provide great care and that they
understand how to reduce barriers and provide compassionate service. The community doesn’t need to wait for a better future; Community Health Care is working toward that goal today, starting with their brand new Pharmacy Residency program.

Emily and Debbie talking at desk
Debbie Lain (left) and Emily Owens (right)

The Pharmacy Residency program is bringing new pharmacists into the Hilltop Regional Health Center, where they are providing quality services to patients in need. The program kicked off its starting year welcoming its first resident Emily Owens, Pharm. D, a pharmacist from Old Fort, NC. “I did a lot of research on many different residency programs. I had a checklist of things I wanted to gain from residency. The Community Health Care program had every single thing on my checklist that I wanted” Emily said when asked why she was attracted to the program. Emily worked in a community health center like Community Health Care in North Carolina while she was a student. She wanted a program that would teach her how to work within a multidisciplinary team where she could learn about Federally Qualified Health Centers like Community Health Care. For Emily, the new program is a perfect match.

Debbie Lain, RPh, MBA, is the director of the Pharmacy program. Reflecting on the start of the program and the preparation for Emily’s start, Debbie was amazed by all the new insights she was finding. She’s been thinking about what to do next; how to continue innovating and how to keep the program growing. Debbie feels that this program is going to evolve and get better every year and under her guidance, that’s sure to happen.

Emily and Dr. Reichard talking in door
Emily Owens and Dr. Gary Reichard, Family Practice Residency Assistant Director

The Pharmacy Residency program has already broken new ground at Community Health Care. Emily and Debbie recently started a diabetes clinic. Through this clinic, Emily is educating diabetic patients on their medication needs. She’s also teaching patients how to record in their glucose log, and how to best take their insulin. Emily and Debbie have also started a transition of care program that is helping patients transition from hospital care to their home. This program is helping patients learn how to manage their new medications. The transition of care program also helps to reduce other barriers patients may experience.

It is clear that the Pharmacy Residency is a great addition to Community Health Care’s other residency programs. With the Pharmacy Residency’s first year well underway, its first resident is already innovating and caring for patients in a thoughtful and meaningful way. It is certain Emily Owens