Dr. Jeff Reynolds

Jeff Reynolds, DMD

Do you dislike taking time out of your busy schedule to make doctor and dentist appointments on different days?

Community Health Care can help!

If you are a medical patient of Dr. Jeff Smith or a dental patient of Dr. Jeff Reynolds, next time you make an appointment, ask for a SUPER VISIT!

Dr. Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith, MD

A SUPER VISIT allows you to make both appointments on the same day, one right after the other, allowing you to get both important health checkups at once! Who can do this? Anyone! The recommendation is to see your providers twice a year to maintain peak health. This also goes for anyone with a chronic illness, like diabetes… or pregnant women coming in for prenatal checkups. Bring your children in for their well-child checks and make a dental appointment at the same time. It is recommended that children see the dentist at the age of 1 year or when their first tooth comes in. We are learning more all the time about how medical and dental health affect the entire body.

Ask Dr. Smith or Dr. Reynolds or the clinic front desk about making your next visit to Community Health Care a SUPER VISIT!