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Core Competencies

All of the residencies at Community Health Care are unified by eight core values:

  1. Community-Based: Working in the community, caring for the community, and using community resources.
  2. Patient-Centered: Facilitating partnerships between individual patients and their personal providers in a single medical home.
  3. Prevention Focused: Preventing illness is the hallmark of nursing, medicine, and dentistry.
  4. Collaborative Care: Many professions working together with the patient.
  5. Chronic Care Management: Helping patients understand their chronic diseases and how to live successfully with them.
  6. Acute Care Treatment: Provide treatment when it’s needed and avoid the emergency room and hospital admissions unless necessary.
  7. Independent Practiced: Working successfully to the full extent of advanced practice licensing.
  8. Practice-Based Learning: Always learning. Always improving. Always teaching.