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City of Lakewood

The record of the City in improving the community’s physical infrastructure makes for a positive impact on community health and wellbeing. It uniquely dedicates 1% of General Fund revenues to providing funding to partner agencies which deliver human services to its 60,000 residents, particularly those who live in low-income neighborhoods.

The City also has a Youth Council to advise the City Council. Beginning with a single youth advisor twenty years ago, it now has in excess of 20 members representing all four high schools to present the voice of youth in City affairs.

To enhance neighborhood and individual safety and well-being, Lakewood implemented a ResidentialSafety Inspection Program for Rental Properties as well as a Behavioral Health Contact Team in partnership with Greater Lakes Mental Health to assist those in crisis. Lakewood has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to house low-income people in Lakewood.

Lakewood has developed numerous new parks and refurbished many others, to include the new Springbrook Park, and has created many free or low cost activities to residents to enhance their quality of life and enjoyment of the city.