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Cheri Denise Coleman

Cheri is the founder of PartnerCafe-Bridging the Gap across Sectors. A consortium of City, State, and Federal agency decision-makers joining nonprofit organizations and Community Leaders & Activists- working interdependently to collectively impact social issues.

Cheri currently works as a Community Engagement and Resource and Service Provider, contracted by DSHS. She sits on the Board of Directors for a number of service organizations, volunteers for endless councils, committees and boards, going above and beyond to make sure that everyone is heard. She always says “You are the most important person in the room,” and even in a crowd of one hundred she means it. She doesn’t just advocate for her clients but for everyone, save herself. She makes sure that she is the last one in line so as not to take from anyone that may be suffering. She doesn’t cry for her clients but with them as she helps them navigate this chaotic healthcare system.

She helps people connect with resources and facilitates healing by walking with her clients rather than behind them.