Health Care for All Bethel Students and Staff


School-Based Health Center Frequently Asked Questions

What is a School-Based Health Center (SBHC)?

A school-based health center is a clinic located in the school or on the school property that provides full-spectrum family medical, dental and behavioral health services. Students can avoid missing school when sick and get support to succeed in their classroom by having quick and consistent access to health care while at school. The SBHC is operated by Community Health Care and follows state and federal laws, policies, procedures and professional standards of medical, dental and behavioral health care. With a pre-signed parental consent, students can access health care during typical school hours.

Who can use the School-Based Health Center?

Any student or student family member from any Bethel School District school who is enrolled in the SBHC may get services, as well as any Bethel School District staff member.

Where is the School-Based Health Center located?

We now have 2 school-based health centers:

Located within Bethel Middle School at 22001 38th Avenue East, Spanaway, WA 98387

Located within Graham-Kapowsin High School at 22100 108th Ave E, Graham, WA 98338

In the fall, we will open another school-based health center located within Spanaway Middle School.

Who staffs the School-Based Health Center?

SBHCs are staffed by a team of certified health professionals that may include: a Family Practice Physician, Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant – Certified, General Dentist, Behavioral Health Specialist, Registered Nurse, Dental Assistants, Medical Assistants, receptionists and insurance enrollment specialists.

What are the hours of the SBHC?

Visit the site pages for that location’s operating schedule:



Do students need to have parental permission to visit the SBHC?


  • Parents or legal guardians must pre-sign consent forms for their child to get care. Under Washington State Law, all students can receive emergency medical care without parental consent. Children 13 years and older can get confidential services per Washington State law; and mental health and substance abuse treatment without parental consent. Students getting these services are always encouraged to discuss health concerns with safe parents/guardians.
  • If there is a prompt care issue, SBHC staff may call the parent to get verbal consent to treat the child.
  • Parents/guardians are always encouraged to participate directly in their child’s care, but if you have trouble getting time off or cannot attend the appointment (and a pre-signed consent is on file), we can see your child during the school day and call you after the appointment with an update.

Can students attend appointments during class time?

SBHCs are focused on helping students stay in school and learn. Every effort is made in SBHCs to schedule appointments so students do not miss core classes.

If my child is sick at home, can they be brought to the SBHC to be seen?

Any student enrolled in the SBHC can been seen, during business hours, by any of our medical, dental, and behavioral health providers.

How is a student enrolled in the SBHC?

Parents or legal guardians must complete and return a Parent Consent Packet. Only students who are enrolled in the SBHC can be seen in the SBHC. Links to the Parent Consent Packets can be found at the top of this page.

Does a student need to have health insurance to be seen at the SBHC?

SBHCs provide care to students whether or not they have insurance. Private and state insurances will be billed for services when appropriate. A sliding-fee-scale is available for families who are under-insured or uninsured. The sliding-fee-scale is based on household income and family size. No student will be turned away for the lack of ability to pay. An insurance enrollment specialist is an important part of the SBHC team and can assist with finding an insurance plan that fits your family and financial needs.

Does my child’s school still have a school nurse?

A SBHC does not replace the very important role of a school nurse. By working with the school nurse, additional and quicker resources can be available for students with medical, dental and/or behavioral health needs. If your child becomes ill during the school day, he/she will still go to the school nurse office and the nurse will call you. The nurse will then ask if you want your child to be seen at the SBHC.

Can my child be seen if we already have a primary care provider (PCP)?

A student can be enrolled in the SBHC and keep their regular PCP. The SBHC will always send copies of visits to your child’s regular provider. If your student does NOT have regular PCP, you can enroll your child and use the SBHC as your child’s primary care provider. As a CHC patient your child would be welcome to access any of Community Health Care’s primary care clinics, dental clinics, specialty clinics, Prompt Care clinics, and pharmacies. A full list of CHC resources can be found at Community Health Care

Does the SBHC accept TriCare (military) insurance?

The SBHC accepts TriCare for dental care but not for medical care. Madigan Army Medical Center has its own school-based health program serving students from military families.  Ask your school administrator for more information.