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Board of Directors

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The Board of  Directors of Community Health Care is comprised of at least 51% patients, which is a requirement of being a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Our board provides direction and guidance to the organization through the several committees they serve on.

For information about serving on the Board, or about Board operations, please contact Kristina Powers, Executive Assistant to our President and CEO, David Flentge.

Our Board of Directors:

Marco Viniegra – Chairman
Gary Walmer – Vice-Chairman
Katie Parker – Secretary
Paul Hansen – Interim Treasurer
Linda Bowman
Ladedria Griffin-Stallworth
Ria Johnson
Mei Yun Loya
Alma Price
Ken Repp
Dan Sloan
William Speaker
Annie Tustison
Barbara Washington
Scarlett Watts

Our Committee Members:

Donnell Harvey
Taylor Hodges
Kevin Huber
Boaz Kealy
Tim Rhee
Jim Satt
Janet Cheryl Williams