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Dr. Ted Baer

Dr. Theodore (Ted) Baer, DDS, is worthy of recognition as a Healthy Community Hero.

After a nearly 30-year dental career, Dr. Baer recognizes the inherent injustice in poor quality healthcare for those without stable housing, employment, or health literacy. He addresses this through his work with Community Health Care and chooses to be present for his patients each day, in each procedure. His philosophy towards his profession is one of service and dedication to those most in need.

Dr. Baer is careful to keep his identity as a person – a father, husband, son, brother, and a community leader in balance with his identity as a dentist, acknowledging that all of these aspects power him to serve his patients at the height of his potential as a provider. It is this grounded sense of self that guides his decisions to preform those procedures which are medically necessary, rather than motivated by competing incentives.

Born and raised in pierce county, Dr. Baer has made an intentional commitment to the community that formed him, taking an active role in the well-being of those who need reliable, consistent care most of all. He further expands upon this by sharing his time, talents, and experiences with others in the dental field, serving as a mentor to newer members of the profession.

Outside of the dentist’s chair, Dr. Baer is active is supporting those overcoming the challenging struggles of addiction, shares his musical talents, and has spent years cultivating appreciation of the natural world with Pierce County youth and adults alike. Pierce County and her citizens are healthier for Dr. Baer’s heroism.