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Health Hero Nominee Form

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One Person Can Make A Difference!

Congratulations! You have been nominated to be recognized as a Health Hero. Individuals and Organizations that have worked to make Pierce County healthier are nominated to be a Health Hero.

Please use the form below to provide additional information about your work in our community. 

What happens next? Your responses will be reviewed by the selection committee. You will be notified if you are selected as a Health Hero.

Health Heroes will be selected and recognized throughout the year in our community. There will be a Health Heroes Celebration Dinner in the Fall of 2020.

If you have questions about the Health Heroes or the Nomination Process, please contact:
Russ Sondker (253) 722-1550 rsondker@commhealth.org or Rick Oldenburg (253) 722-1555 rick-work@oldenburg.ws

More information about Health Heroes:

We see that one person can make a difference every day at Community Health Care as we continue the legacy started by our founder, Dr. George Tanbara. Back in 1969, when the only hospital providing charity care closed, there was no health care available for low income individuals and families. Dr. George Tanbara took it upon himself to find other like-minded medical professionals and community members to provide basic health care. What started as two volunteer run clinics has turned into a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit providing care for over 45,000 patients annually through a health care system of five medical clinics and four dental clinics. While the organization has grown, the promise has stayed the same—no one is denied care because of inability to pay for any of our services, including: pediatrics, women’s health, pharmacy, maternity support services, behavioral health, or substance abuse services.
As we celebrate 50 years of service in Pierce County, we are seeking to honor Health Heroes, like our founder Dr. George Tanbara, who have contributed to the connected health of the Pierce County community. This includes heroes in the areas of:

• Economic Stability
• Neighborhood and Physical Environment
• Education
• Food
• Community and Social Context
• Healthcare and more

The goal is to find these individuals and organizations and capture their stories to demonstrate the role each one plays in making the Pierce County Community Healthier. It will highlight how one person or organization can have substantial impact. These stories will be shared with the community to encourage others to help make their communities healthier. The hope is to create an environment where connections and relationships can be formed to further expand Pierce County’s healthy communities. To complete your nomination please answer the questions and click submit to send it to the review committee. It is vital that we add your story to the others of how one person is making a difference.

Thank you for your good works to create a healthy, vibrant community in Pierce County! If there are questions about the Health Heroes or Nomination process please contact Russ Sondker at (253) 722-1550 or rsondker@commhealth.org.

Do you know a “Healthy Community Hero?”

A healthy community is more than just access to clinical care. A healthy community encompasses all facets of what makes a community thrive.

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Since 1969, Community Health Care has been providing quality care to those in our community with the greatest need. We serve more than 46,000 patients per year and no one is denied care due to inability to pay.

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