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Factors For A Healthy Community

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Community Connections Are the Key to Health

Rarely is one individual entirely responsible for their health. There are a host of factors that help determine a healthy life. Community Health Care  is looking for ‘Healthy Community Heroes.’ These are people, groups, or organizations that contribute to healthier lives in Pierce County through their actions; most of these actions fall into general categories.

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Read through the categories listed below. There may be someone or a group you know that improves the lives of those around them by their contributions of time, money, effort, or just being there when needed.  These are the people who are Healthy Community Heroes.

Economic Stability – Knowing that the bills will be paid or that there is some money put aside for emergencies can bring great peace of mind. Do you know someone who is instrumental in helping community members acquire the resources to meet daily economic needs?

Education – Easy access to comprehensive education services are linked with better health, less stress, and higher self-confidence. Do you know someone who has facilitated paths to needed educational resources?

Physical Environment – Clean air and water, healthy workplaces, safe homes and neighborhoods, safe working conditions, all contribute to better health. People who have more control over their living and working conditions are generally found to be healthier. Do you know someone who helps to better our environment?

Social Support Networks – Being surrounded and supported by family, friends, and neighbors is linked to better health. Customs, traditions, and culture all play important roles in stability and better health. Do you know someone who facilitates healthy relationships in the community?

Personal Responsibility – Purposefully living a healthier lifestyle – such as not smoking, getting regular exercise, and moderate (or not) drinking, getting sufficient sleep – contribute to general well-being. Good coping skills and stress management – or stress reduction – are all integral to maintaining good health. Do you know someone who inspires us to lead a more mindful life?

Access to Health Services – Access to medical, dental, and behavioral health care is vital to a healthier life. Getting regular checkups, adhering to disease prevention advice from medical and dental providers are key factors to general good health. Who do you know that works in this area to improve the health of our neighbors?